The Confederacy of Love and Acceptance among Mammals

Launched in 2019, the Confederacy of Love and Acceptance among Mammals (C.L.A.M.) published a manifesto against rape jokes in restaurant kitchens as their first act. Since its creation C.L.A.M. has hosted a number of events, created artwork in support of Mi’kmaq fishermen during the 2020 terrorist attacks on their fleet, and held a fundraiser for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls at the Gardiner Museum where speakers included Indigenous artist and Elder Catherine Tammaro and New York Times bestselling authors Sheila Heti and Laurie Woolever. The fundraiser included a feast of seal meat, jellyfish and chocolate created by a group of ten chefs that included only one token white man.

Inspired by Pussy Riot and the Guerilla Girls, C.L.A.M. aims to subvert the patriarchy through food and jest. All C.L.A.M. events are fundraisers for Sovereign Bodies, creators of the MMIWG database.