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"My favorite part of being a chef is to connect with people through food. Running the show in the kitchen is not the heart of me. Cooking eight things at a time while I’m being yelled at by a pompous chef is not what I pine for. Teaching young cooks how to make my food, and seeing the pride on their faces when I teach them how to filet a fish. Seeing satisfied diners when we’re crazy busy and in the weeds. Walking through the dining room on a busy night, touching tables and asking customers how their night is going. Seeing their faces light up when we start talking about the meal. It’s a scary time for our industry right now and it’s scary for me to think about. I don’t know what comes next, but I hope it’s something like the things I love about it all.”
Allie Plumer, chef

Park Slope, NY

excerpted from "When An American Chef Needs Brain Surgery" by Ivy Knight for Food & Wine

Allie, Luxardo

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