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“What I miss the most is the multitasking. I don’t think I will ever experience that thrill of being at a restaurant at, you know, 7:30 at night, there’s a lineup out the door, you know table 20 needs more wine, yet the expeditor’s calling you to pick up table 3’s food, you know, maybe the barback is yelling at you, and it’s absolutely nuts. But then the right song comes on, the lighting is perfect, you’re hearing people laughing, and talking, and eating, you’re hearing a fork against a plate. I'm getting goosebumps just saying it. You’re in that moment, and you’re like, this is beautiful. I miss that. I will never be that busy, or be able to hold so many different things in my brain at once ever again.”
Jessica Allen, former server for Terroni, host of CTV’s The Social

Hamilton, ON 
Excerpted from All Day: a documentary film (currently in production) by Ivy Knight and JR Reid.

Jess, Portuguese Mackerel

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