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“One morning my twin brother Paul and I were doing some planting in the gardens at my restaurant, it was the day the world heard of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. Paul and I talked about how terrible and shocking it was to lose him, and how he must have felt inside compared to what the world knew of him from his books and shows. Even though the convo was sort of dark, I was so happy we spent that time together in the garden, because the next day my brother hung himself. He worked with me at my restaurant and didn’t show up that morning. I just assumed he was hungover. But he was gone forever, and it happened just across the harbour and over the hill. Now when I think of Bourdain, I feel so angry. When terrible things happen, we look for someone to blame. I can’t help but think of Paul, who struggled with addiction and depression for years, comparing his life to Bourdain’s who had just taken his and thinking... well fuck.”
Lauren van Dixhoorn, chef/owner of Solo on Main

Port Stanley, ON

Lauren, Amarena Toschi

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