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“It’s crazy when you go through the history of how women are represented in beer. Historically, the first brewers were women, because it was women’s work, because they did the cooking, right? The whole advent of the witch with the cauldron and the hat—when women would brew, they would do it in these huge cauldrons. And so, you know, guys realized that they could monetize this. So, the witch image becomes this evil woman cooking children in a pot. Then in the ’70s with Colt 45 and the ’80s with the whole Spuds Mackenize thing. Now women were accessories, and remained so for a good two decades. And you get to this point where shit’s got to change.”
Ren Navarro, beer rep and founder of Beer Diversity

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON

Ren, Canada Dry

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