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“Everything we have in the world is in the restaurant, a building we don’t own, a building that at any moment could be taken from us, and then you’re left with what? Like, this great collection of copper pans, and no retirement? We’ve worked hundred-hour weeks for the last 20 years to build this thing, this dream. But, it’s nothing. It’s this ephemeral idea of nothingness, you know. And that’s what everyone’s sitting on in this business. You think you’re stable, you think you’re thriving, you think you’re great, and along comes this pandemic, and suddenly, it’s like, oh, you have nothing, you know, you really don’t. You have nothing but your own ability to work hard.”
Tobey Nemeth, chef/owner of Edulis

Toronto, ON 

Excerpted from All Day: a documentary film (currently in production) by Ivy Knight and JR Reid.

Tobey, Vichy Catalan Water

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